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RUN!!! Don’t just walk away from the false preachers and their distorted world view as evidenced by their advocating the prosperity gospel.

I came across this excellent article by Randy Alcorn about the distortions of this false theology and the damage such a misplaced focus does to our relationship with God. Read the whole thing!

In America, a sharp-looking businessman stands up at a luncheon to give his testimony: “Before I knew Christ, I had nothing. My business was in bankruptcy, my health was bad, I’d nearly lost my family. Then I accepted Christ. He took me out of bankruptcy, and my business has doubled its profits. My blood pressure has dropped to normal, and I feel great. Best of all, my wife and children have come back, and we’re a family again. God is good—praise the Lord!”

In China, a disheveled former university professor gives his testimony:

“Before I met Christ, I had everything. Then I came to Jesus as my Savior and Lord. As a result, I lost my post at the university, lost my house, and now work for a subsistence wage at a factory. My wife rejected me because of my conversion. She took my son away, and I haven’t seen him for five years. I live with constant pain from injuries when police dragged me away from our unregistered church service. But God is good, and I praise Him for His faithfulness.”

Both men are sincere Christians. One gives thanks because of what he’s gained. The other gives thanks despite what he’s lost.

When I hear false preachers advocating the so called prosperity gospel I am reminded of the difference between how God and Satan speaks to us. One tells you what you want to hear. One tells you what you need to hear. Which do you think the properity gospel most resembles? God? Or Satan?